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Hand cut and sharpened with Arizona sandstone in the spirit of Kokopelli, the original touring musician, who brought music & exotic trade goods from faraway lands. The organic coconut material is so strong it resists even the toughest “Heavy Metal” without ruining your strings, yet gentle enough to play your classical nylon with a warm, natural sound. The four-sided design offers four times more playing surface than ordinary guitar picks Plus, if your Kokopikki begins to lose it's edge simply file, or use a piece of sandstone & gently re-bevel the dull edges. Each edge may be resharpened at least three times giving you a minimum of 16 durable picks from just one Kokopikki guitar pick.

Handmade Coconut Picks

The amazing, super strong, all natural,

resharpenable guitar pick.

The Longest Lasting Pick You'll EVER Buy!!


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